How it works!

How do you identify if your customers have had a positive or negative shopping/dining experience?
iSpy Mystery Shoppers will allow you to do just that by offering a unique & personalised form of research.

  • We have a standardised questionnaire, which we adjust to suit your specific criteria, offering you your own personalised questionnaire.
  • Based on your specific criteria we allocate one of our suitable mystery shoppers, to pose as a customer and carry out the evaluation.
  • Subsequently the mystery shopper will present the detailed feedback evaluation report.
  • The evaluation report together with a progress chart is then audited and issued to you.

This valuable feedback is highly beneficial and can serve to:

  • Measure level of standards
  • Highlight continual problems
  • Keep staff on their best behavior, not knowing which of the customers is the 'spy' 
  • Give insight to where improvements are needed
  • Create consistency on a national level
  • Reduce employees temptation to steal
  • Reward employees
  • Assist with staff training

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Did you know?

The average customer tells more than 10 people about a BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE

What cannot be monitored cannot be managed